INCOSE Certification

This year in SESE2019, it will be provided an opportunity to take the SEP knowledge exam during the event.

 All individuals attending the conference are allowed to take the exam at no cost. If you cannot attend the full event,  you can even only take the exam for 25€. It typically costs USD 120. If someone passed the exam, that person would still have to meet all the other requirements for certification (INCOSE membership, pay application fees, fill application forms and provide supporting materials). It means, those who pass the exam and wish to apply for certification will still have to be INCOSE individual members and pay the application fee.

The exam itself lasts 100 minutes, plus a thirty minutes introduction, and an extra thirty minutes for non-native English speakers. So, the exam will last 2 hours and 40 minutes. Candidates are kindly asked to bring two pencils and an eraser.

As an additional point, it will be allowed to use language translation dictionaries (e.g., English to French, English to Spanish, English to Italian or English to German) for the exam. There may be no modifications to the dictionary. No highlighting, hand-written notes, or extra text taped in.

 To take the exam, go to Registration & Fees ( ), register for the event you will attend (Paris, Zûrich, Trieste or Madrid) and select the ticket applicable to you which ends with “+ Exam”.

The French chapter of INCOSE (AFIS)the Italian chapter of INCOSE (AISE)the Swiss chapter of INCOSE (SSSE) and the Spanish chapter of INCOSE (AEIS) are organizing a series of events in Trieste, París, Zurich and Madrid.  The purpose of these events is to promote Systems Engineering among practitioners and interested audience, and also to strengthen the links between the chapters. The format of the events is a lecture day at each venue. The intention is to have four talks that are repeated at each venue and complemented by a number of talks held locally at each venue.





INCOSE Certification


This year you can again apply for the INCOSE certification credential (CSEP/ASEP) without paying any extra fee.

An INCOSE representative for certification processes will be present in all the stops.



Paris – Paris Sorbonne Université ( Campus Pierre et Marie Curie) – (Google maps)


Zürich – Foundation Technopark Zürich (Technoparkstrasse 1) – (Google maps)


Trieste – Centro Congressi e Foresteria di Area Science Park (Google maps)


Campezo 1
(Google maps)

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