Predictive maintenance of machinery, manufacturing lines and vehicle fleets in Industry 5.0. Digital Twins and Simulation of strategic assets

How Artificial Intelligence can help us to predict the behaviour and maintenance needs of industrial assets, into the frame of general Smart industry and Smart Cities, assisting to resources planning, increase efficiency and saving time and money.

This event is organized by AEIS, the Spanish chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). More info at and

Este evento está organizado por la Asociación Española de Ingeniería de Sistemas (AEIS), capítulo español de INCOSE. Más información en y


Santiago Ferrer Jover
Program Manager – Systems Engineering CT Ingenieros

Santiago Ferrer is industrial engineer with more than two decades managing strategic projects in such fields as Automotive and IT scoping technologies so varied as metallurgy, plastic injection, electronics, robotics and software development. Now, he is developing his responsibilities in The CT Engineering as Program Manager in the Systems Engineering division boosting disciplines like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Digital Twin and Simulators.

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