SESE 2018

The South European Systems Engineering Tour: May 2018!

Sponsors of SESE 2018

The South European System Engineering Tour is a non-profit event.

That is why we would like to say a big thank you to all of our sponsors that have facilitated the organization of this tour. Their engagement has been the cornerstone to get a successful organization of all the events.

× Info: The list of sponsors is still open.

Platinum Sponsors of SESE 2018

Sponsor Description

TRC-The Reuse Company Inc.

The Reuse Company (TRC) is a European IT company that has operated only in Europe until 2010, mainly in the Financial and Systems/Software development sectors. The goal for 2013 is the complete internationalization of the commercial activities.

The Reuse Company's organizes its commercial, support and R+i+D activities maximizing synergies and resources.

In the Reuse Company’s vision, knowledge reuse is fully integrated in every organization’s productivity chain.

Our mission is to promote Systems/Software (S/S) and information reuse within an organization, by offering processes, methods, tools and services that make it possible.

Our main efforts are oriented to (S/S) Reuse, Traceability and Quality.



Thales Group (France). In a world that is increasingly mobile, interconnected and interdependent, the security of people and goods, infrastructure and nations depends on leaders and organisations and their ability to decide and act in a timely fashion and obtain the best outcomes. In this context, Thales serves – defence, security, space, aerospace and ground transportation – with 61,000 employees operating in 56 countries.

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Thales Alenia Space (Italy). Combining 40 years of experience and a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures, Thales Alenia Space architects design and deliver high technology solutions for telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, environmental management, exploration, science and orbital infrastructures. Governments, institutions and companies rely on Thales Alenia Space to design, operate and deliver satellite-based systems that help them position and connect anyone or anything, everywhere, help observe our planet, help optimize the use of our planet's – and our solar system’s – resources. Thales Alenia Space believes in space as humankind’s new horizon, which will enable to build a better, more sustainable life on Earth. A joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), Thales Alenia Space also teams up with Telespazio to form the parent companies’ Space Alliance, which offers a complete range of services and solutions.

International Council on Systems Engineering

INCOSE INTERNATIONAL. The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded to develop and disseminate the interdisciplinary principles and practices that enable the realization of successful systems. To address complex societal and technical challenges by enabling, promoting, and advancing Systems Engineering and systems approaches.


Gold Sponsors of SESE 2018

Sponsor Description

Silver Sponsors of SESE 2018

Sponsor Description

No Magic Inc.

No Magic's Inc. One of the most respected providers of standards-compliant modeling, simulation and analysis solutions in the industry, No Magic is positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Magic Quadrant for Business Process Analysis Tools. The Cameo® Suite supports the full enterprise application life-cycle from business requirements/planning through and including final testing with award-winning, OMG™ standards-compliant products that efficiently model organizational structure, business processes, applications, information and technology. MagicDraw® supports multiple domain-specific models based on UML® including: BPMN™, SysML™, fUML, DoDAF/UPDM, MDD, SOA, unit testing, data modeling, simulation and activity-based model-driven costing. Professional services include training, consulting, custom applications and MagicDraw® product customizations such as custom modeling domain diagrams, requirements management, team collaboration, design and analysis.



ASTER TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (Italy). ASTER is an independent Italian engineering and consulting firm that specializes in Technological Infrastructures and Complex Systems Engineering for the Defence, Aerospace and Transport sectors.

The Company was created in June of 2010 within the Management Buy Out of the "ASsystem TEchnologies Rome” business unit of Assystem Italia (ASSYSTEM Group), and so, it inherited all its relevant strategic assets, including the competence and experience of the key personnel, as well as a consolidated portfolio of industrial and institutional customers dating back to the last decade in the cited markets.

ASTER operates within the framework of full commercial and operational continuity with the former business of ASSYSTEM, and maintains a strong partnership with the ASSYSTEM Group through a dedicated cooperation agreement.


AFIS-French Chapter of INCOSE

AFIS - Association Française d'Ingénierie Système refers to the official chapter of INCOSE, France. Its objectives are focused on:

  • Easing the access to a large network of companies and professionals.
  • Putting together and boost the use of better practices, guidelines and standards in the Systems Engineering area.
  • Providing a venue to exchange information and ideas between governmental agencies, industry and academia in topics related to applied research.
  • Offering trendy research topics and partnership projects.
  • Defining and carrying out joint initiatives.


Spanish Chapter of INCOSE

The Spanish Association of Systems Engineering (AEIS) established according to the Act 30/1992 is the official representative of INCOSE in Spain since 2018 (Spanish Chapter of INCOSE).

AEIS is located in the Royal Academy of Engineering (calle Don Pedro, 10 en Madrid) reaching an official agreement to promote the Systems Engineering in Spain.


Italian Chapter of INCOSE

This is the Associazione Italiana di Systems Engineering, INCOSE Chapter Italia. The Italian chapter has been very active over the last four years, organizing seminars and introductory courses on a variety of topics: Requirements Management, the "systems architecting", the "architectural frameworks", the SysML, security systems and others.

In addition, we have established good relationships with academic institutions, which allowed the organization of courses on "systems engineering" as part of the post-graduate Master programs.


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) was established by an Act of the Spanish Parliament on 5 May 1989, within the framework of the University Reform Act of 1983. From the outset it was intended to be a relatively small, innovative, public university, providing teaching of the highest quality and focused primarily on research. Our first Chancellor was Professor Gregorio Peces-Barba.

The mission of Carlos III University of Madrid is to contribute to the improvement of society through teaching of the highest quality and cutting-edge research in line with stringent international guidelines. The University aspires to excellence in all its activities, with the aim of becoming one of the universities in Europe.

The university actively encourages the personal development of all those connected to the higher education community. All our activities are guided by the values of merit, ability, efficiency, transparency, fairness, equality and respect for the environment.