SESE 2018

The South European Systems Engineering Tour: May 2018!


The SESE is organized by the Italian, French and Spanish local chapters of INCOSE:

The People behind SESE 2018

Prof. Dr. Juan Llorens

Prof. Dr. Juan Llorens

President of the Spanish Chapter of INCOSE

Carlos III University of Madrid

Juan Llorens is Professor at the Informatics Department of the Carlos III University of Madrid – Spain.

He received his MS degree in Industrial Engineer from the ICAI Polytechnic School at the UPC University in Madrid in 1986, Spain, and his PhD in Industrial Engineering and robotics at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain in 1996.

In 1987 he started his own company dealing with Artificial Intelligence applied to Database systems, named Knowledge Engineering SL (KE). Dr. Llorens worked as technical director in KE and as Marketing Director in Advanced Vision Technologies until 1992, when he joined the Carlos III University. Since 2003 he is Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid. His main subject is Knowledge Reuse, which he teaches in the Informatics studies at the University.

Dr. Llorens is the leader of the KR Group (Knowledge Reuse Group) within the University. In 1998 he was invited to the Högskolan på Åland (HÅ) (Åland, Finland). From 1998 to 2008 he split his educational activities between Madrid's University and the HÅ, where he taught different Software Engineering subjects.

Since 2008, based on a funded agreement, The REUSE Company, a brand of the spin-off organization named CISET, has outsourced all its R&D activities to the Knowledge Reuse Group of the Carlos III University. In this context, Dr Llorens can defend TRC's CTO role within his professorship. His current research involves the study of knowledge technologies and system engineering techniques integration towards Software and Information quality measurement and Reuse.

He is member of INCOSE’s (International Council on Systems Engineering, Requirements Working Group and he is the Technical Director of the Spanish INCOSE Chapter (AEIS).

Mr. Oscar Berreteaga

Oscar Berreteaga

Director of events as Spanish Chapter of INCOSE

ULMA Embedded Solutions

I got my Physics BsC degree from the University of Basque Country in 1990 and a MsC degree in Electronics and Control Automation one year later also from University of Basque Country. I have working since then in Embedded Systems with a very strong industry focus. Even if I started doing firmware and software development, I have slowly shifted towards Systems Engineering including processes and tools.

Verticals and sectors where I support our customers all share similar standards and normative compliance, usually with safety- and mission-critical features. I carry out project management & tool and process mentoring almost on a daily basis. Processes and tools are great, but people are the most interesting part of my job. They are the ones who make Systems work.



Systems Engineering Process & Methods Expert

Thales (retired after 33 years)

Anne SIGOGNE is Systems Engineering Process & Methods Expert; AFIS and INCOSE active member (CSEP certified, CAR leader, in charge of INCOSE French chapter AFIS events management and of the “SE TLFC processes” Technical Committee).

Currently retired from Thales company: after 22 years of experience in Energy Management Systems (Supervisor, Control and Advanced studies for Electrical, Gas and Oil systems) as architect within project team, then senior advisor within bid and pre-sales teams, joined Thales Corporate Engineering to contribute to Systems Engineering processes and tooled-up methods definition and deployment. Was notably in charge of the Thales Group System methodology (“Sys-EM Handbook” and associated guidelines), Engineering share Knowledge and contributed to Thales University training as designer and trainer, especially as “Co-Engineering” referent.

Education: Master in Physics, PhD of Electronic (PWR Nuclear plant simulations) 1981, CEA SACLAY, France

Mr. Jean-Claude Roussel

Jean-Claude Roussel

Director of EMEA Sector of INCOSE

Systems Engineering Senior Expert (ESEP) at Airbus CTO

Jean-Claude Roussel is a Systems Engineering Senior Expert at Airbus CTO (Toulouse) with 37 years of experience in different Aeronautic and Space Programs. He is chairing the Systems Engineering Steering Committee at the whole company level.

Jean-Claude has been successively in charge of Configuration Management, Project Management and Systems Engineering for most of the new aircraft developments in Airbus (from A320/A319, A330/A340, A380, A400M till A350 program) and some years in Space division for ESA space programs.

He is presently Director of sector EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) of INCOSE for the period 2014-2020. He has been Technical Director of INCOSE in 2011-2012 and President of AFIS in 2007-2008. Jean-Claude has been a member and co-author of the BKCASE project (Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering) and co-author of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook V4.0 which has been released in July 2015. He is presently the Chair of the INCOSE WG on Project Management-Systems Engineering Integration.

He is certified ESEP (Expert Systems Engineering Professional) from INCOSE. He is graduated Engineer from PolyTech’ LILLE in 1980.

Mr. Jean-Luc Garnier

Jean-Luc Garnier

AFIS Technical Director


Jean-Luc Garnier is Systems Engineering and Architecting Director within the Thales Technical Directorate. His domain of expertise is real-time distributed systems. He joined Thales in 2000 as system architect, successively in Integrated Modular Avionics, Electronic Warfare and Network Centric Warfare. Within AFIS (French Chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering), he is Technical Director and Co-Chair of the RIIS (Research & Innovation for Systems Engineering) Technical Committee. He is also Convener for development of the NATO Architecture Framework Methodology, Co-Chair of the INCOSE Architecture Working Group and Project Manager of the ISO/IEC-42020 standard (Architecture processes).

Mr. Lucio TIRONE


President of the Italian Chapter of INCOSE


Lucio TIRONE is Technical Director at Aster S.p.A., he has over 15 years of field experience, the first half of which spent consolidating his Electromagnetic background, in the development of object oriented software for the computation of e.m. propagation in complex urban/non-urban environments. Since then he has been involved in Systems Engineering activities for the analysis, design, implementation and validation of large technological projects in the Defense, Aerospace and Transport sectors. Certified INCOSE CSEP since 2012, and OCSMP since 2015, he is currently President of the Italian Association of Systems Engineering - INCOSE Italia Chapter.


Dr. Anabel Fraga

Visiting Professor

Carlos III University of Madrid

Dr. Anabel Fraga is a Computer Engineering professional; she obtained her degree in the Simon Bolívar University. Previous to set aside in the academic work, she committed her efforts in the industry as UNIX Administrator (HP-UX, Digital Unix, and so forth), Application Administrator (SICAP, Comptel technology for Telecom companies), Windows Administrator, Project Management and Consultancy. She obtained the E-commerce and Networking Msc. in the Carlos III University of Madrid. She presented her PhD thesis in Computer Science in the Carlos III University of Madrid at the Knowledge Reuse Research Group. Her central areas of research are: Software Architecture, Information Engineering, Knowledge Management, ITIL/ISO20000 and Reuse; but she is also interested in ethics, innovative methods of learning for supporting new software architects and the improvement of the CS Curriculum. She is professor of Software/Systems engineering, Information/Knowledge Engineering and Programming in Carlos III University of Madrid. She is member of ACM CSTA, INCOSE and IASA, and she is one of the leaders of the IASA Chapter of Madrid.


Dr. Jose María Alvarez-Rodríguez

Visiting Professor

Carlos III University of Madrid

Dr. Jose María Alvarez-Rodríguez is Visiting Professor at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His main research interests are semantic-based technologies, linked (open) data, knowledge engineering, service-oriented computing, design patterns, large scale architectures and graph analysis techniques applied to fields such as Systems Engineering, e-Procurement, or Social Network Analysis. He is member of AEIS, ISO, INCOSE, OMG, and OSLC RM (Requirements Management).