SESE 2017

The South European Systems Engineering Tour: May 2017!

INCOSE Certification

This year in SESE2017, it will be provided an opportunity to present the SEP exam during the event.

All individuals attending the conference would be allowed to take the exam at no cost. It typically costs USD 120. If someone passed the exam, that person would still have to meet all the other requirements for certification (INCOSE membership, pay application fee, provide application and supporting materials). It means, those who pass the exam and wish to apply for certification will still have to be INCOSE individual members and pay the application fee.

The exam lasts two hours, also an extra thirty minutes to show everyone how to use the scantrons answer sheets, and an extra thirty minutes for non-native English speakers. So, the exam will last 3 hours.

As an additional point, it will be allowed to use language translation dictionaries (e.g., English to French, English to Spanish, or English to Italian) for the exam.

There may be no modifications to the dictionary. No highlighting, hand-written notes, or extra text taped in.